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Sample Trip Quotes

To give you a ballpark idea, here are some sample quotes for requests we’ve gotten from our customers:

Example #1:

A Dallas middle school is organizing an 8th grade field trip to the Fort Worth Stockyards. The 3-day, 2-night trip includes stops at the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame, the Cowtown Coliseum rodeo, and a cattle drive tour. With a group of 60 students and 8 chaperones, they need a full-sized charter bus with enough luggage space for everyone. The bus rental company quotes them $6,800 for the multi-day trip, which covers transportation, team lodging, and parking fees. Divided among 68 people, the cost per person is just $41.18!

Example #2:

A corporate consulting firm in Dallas, Texas needed transportation for their annual company retreat in Austin. With 65 employees attending the 3-day event, they booked a full-size charter bus to transport the entire team. The bus rental company charged $2,800 per day, plus the cost of the team’s hotel room and gratuity. To avoid high parking fees in Austin’s busy downtown, the bus dropped off attendees at the hotel each morning and returned to pick them up after the conference sessions ended each evening.

Example #3:

A youth baseball team from Dallas, Texas booked a 56-passenger charter bus for their state championship tournament in Austin. The team of 18 players, four coaches, and several parents traveled the 200-mile trip for a weekend tournament. With hotel stays for two nights and daily transportation between the venue and hotel, the total cost was $5,800 – around $1000 per person for the comfortable ride and convenience. Booking the full-sized bus months in advance allowed the team to secure an affordable rate during the busy summer tournament season.

Example #4:

A local church in Dallas, Texas booked a charter bus for their congregation’s annual trip to the Arboretum. With over 80 members attending, they needed a full-size bus that could comfortably seat everyone. The bus rental company quoted them $1,750 for a 56-passenger charter bus for the day, which included a team. Since the Arboretum is only about 25 miles from the church, they were charged a flat day rate instead of being billed by the hour or mile. To keep costs down, the church booked their bus rental 4 months in advance during the winter off-season. Their quote also included the team’s tip, but the church would need to cover any parking fees at the Arboretum separately.

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